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For the new year I went off on a trip with a mate to London. While here, one of the first things we did which was totally off the beaten track was a trip to Borough market. The market was foodie heaven- and I wasn’t the only one enjoying the gastronomic delights.


There were a half dozen cheese places with some delicious cheeses sourced from places with names as quaint as Gloucestershire. The goat cheeses were deliciously flavored and textured.

The crowning glory for me was the burgers however. I grabbed a 3M burger from Boston Market (named after the original Boston in Lincolnshire) which was a deliciously crafted pork burger succulent and dripping with flavor. For the vegetarians there was a host of veggie stuff- from burgers, sandwiches etc.


(My mate enjoying a burger!)

The last place I tried was a little hot sandwich place. Expecting delicious food, seeing the long lines we chose to try the food from there. While not bad, it didn’t favorably compare to the burgers etc. we had eaten earlier.Image