I’m a fourth year medical student… (in my free time of course)

Before! (After I was in no shape for a picture!)

based in Philadelphia, doing a Masters in Bioethics that is running concurrently with my MD. I’m going to be an Emergency Medicine doctor in a few short months- and this site chronicles who I am and my journey along the way.

Welcome to my life in medicine. It’s been a helluva ride…

…and it’s just getting started. I’m always willing to share what little wisdom I’ve accumulated, as well as all the funny stories that go with! So if you’re curious- just ask.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Suzi Q Pon said:


    I want you to feel and believe in yourself based on what you have learned and accomplished. You are deserving of the title “Doctor Sodhi.”
    What I am looking for in a good doctor is one who is knowledgable, has good clinical skills, thinks fast in times of emergency, listens and has great empathy.

    Who could do all that?
    You could. Some of us may knock you down verbally when we are stressed, sick, and scared. Try to overlook this transitory negativity and remember our good days.

    At times we have to leave this earth, but you still tried to save us….it was just not to be. I hope that you at least learned from the experience. There will be those of us who make it through, against all odds, because of fate and your medical help.

    Thanks to you and to all others like you.
    Good luck on your residency.

    Suzi Q

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